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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 6  FOX  May 20, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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cops on the street inside the third district station on b street northwest, members of the emergency respond team -- took part in a roll call where they were given the assignments. they were assigned to patrol the neighborhoods of adams morgan and where they were told to be on their tows and stay highly visible. in the past, chief lanier used the strategy to go in the neighborhoods and saturating high crime areas in hopes to preventing violence. the chief said that residents love it. >> and all the police officers working in the police department on the street and working various shifts. and basically for histories willibility and acting with the community and that is a good way for the commune-to-the-get together and work on some community issues and discuss
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the information and give that information about the various programs. >> and this is unpopular with the police officers and the fraternal order of police. they filed a grievance and an arbitrator ruled in their favor saying the contract was violated and tumly the law -- actually the law was broken. the chief and the city appealed that and is stem under appeal. -- still under appeal. earlier in the day, we received a statement from the fop chair in. this is what he said: mayor gray campaigned on a platform of no more gimmicks like ahod and would expect arbitration decisions. instead, we're back to ignoring the law and having a crime- fighting strategy and mr. gray should focus on the the fact we're down 400 cops, and stop creating greater liability for
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taxpayers by ignoring d.c. law. we tried to contact chief lanier and sent her text and e- mails and she's not responded to any requests and we tried to talk to mayor gray and we were unsuccessful. the road to piece in the middle east got rockier and behind the scenes, tensions spelled out into public. the prime minister grabbed a spotlight. the issue here, israel's not at all happy about president obama's speech yesterday. calling for a return to the old border lines. in exchange for middle east peace. fox 5s tom fitzgerald joins us now and this is rare today. >> reporter: it was. the prime minister benjamin netanyahu had not seen eye-to- eye this is something new today. the two leaders were discussing the president's call for israel
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to go of up the territory it captured in the 1967-six-day war if ex-- in exchange for a new country when it came time to make comments for the press instead of a usual statement about friendship and partnership, benjamin netanyahu went on to make a long statement that appeared to be lex lecturing the president on israeli history and why from the prime minister of israel. >> our ultimate goal has to be a secure israeli state and security state with a contiguous funking and effective palestinian state. >> we can't go back to the indefensible lines. we're going to have to have a long-term military presence -- i discussed this with the president, and i think that we
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understand -- certain security requirements that will have to come in to place. >> now, as weed, israel is not happy about the president's proposal and there is unhappiness in circles over the president's address as well. they change it as their own capitol. >> and the white house can't be blind sided. >> as soon as the president was done speaking, benjamin netanyahu in position and proposal is indefensible which tonight appears to have taken a step back. we found several videos on youtube posted by protestors and i can't confirm it but it
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shows security forces opened fire on the crowd killing 27 people including a 10-year-old boy. protestors have been calling for an end to the aughtitor tearian regime. and people in jordan are are supporting their neighbors in syria after friday prayers. hundreds marched toward the border to show support for the anti-government protestors. the crowd included men, women, and children and held up signs some chanted. demonstrators are calling for an end to the government's assault that have killed dozens the past few weeks. the news edge on maryland. test results were in the rabies tests came back inconclusive that means that children involved will have to be treated for rabies. the american bulldog chased them to a school bus biting them and four kids were hurt. police released a 911 call from
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an incident. >> yeah,. >> there is a pit bull attacking the kids. >> is he on the bus? he's attacking a kid. >> they're still looking for the owner. another republican throwing his name into a hat for president for bent 12. tell pawlenty is expected to make it official. he plans to make the announcement in des moines, iowa, at an event they say will be in the form of a town hall meeting. pawlenty's also expected in florida on tuesday. florida is an early primary state where most consider a must-win. forget 2012, some are looking forward to 2014. the maryland attorney general doug gantzler appeared on the politics program where he was asked about that run for governor in three years that a lot of us suspected for andsome time. take a listen. >> and you run around the
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state. i don't pay for and there is a larger mapping. you sack away. >> in january. >> you will have up to $10 million. you are running for governor in 2049. correct? >> we don't do it in montgomery county. and -- >> we don't? >> we don't do it to threaten people and i would like to think that people think we're doing a good job that we're doing in terms of running for governor, it's -- the election is over three years away, and i do know that -- i'm aware of it. >> what are they -- . >> the attorney general. the national association of attorney's generals. the national association of aspiring governors. >> a heads up with the latest political news on click on the word politics under the news tab on our home
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page. coming up here next on the news edge at 6, according to, some the end of the world will begin in hours. find out how believers are spending their last minutes. and we were just saying why is this getting so much buzz? that is for sure. this evening, a couple of isolated showers and one moving across fauquier county. details on your weekend coming up next. 
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>> for a few years, they're telling followers an apocalyptic judgement day is some are on frederick maryland spreading that word john henrehan was there. >> reporter: if these evangelists on the streets are right, the world as we know it
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will start coming a coming a part on the 21st. there will be earthquakes, things will get bad. >> there is going to be five months of torment on this earth according to revelations and then the earth is going to be burnt up with fire after the 21st of 2011. >> reporter: abby carson is a registered nurse. >> for important information from the bible. >> she quit two years ago to start preaching the end was near because of the clues in the bible. may 21, 2011, happens to be the 17th day of the second month in the he brew calendar. coincidence? that is one proof there is proof there. >> reporter: nathan michaels -- michaels quit his supermarket job a month ago and spent all of his savings to travel and talk to people about the end of the world. >> i feel so convicted, i feel so pushed that this is correct. that there is -- that this is going to be the day of
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judgement. that it's at hand. >> nobody knows. >> i thought it was a joke. >> and get out through the day or tomorrow, right? >> he said i shouldn't covet. >> reporter: the convictions held are deep and paid us to ask the tough questions so we did. we asked what if it's business as usual in this world on sunday and monday. aren't you going to feel foolish in. this is no plan b. we have been worked into a corner with this and this is it. this is the day. there is nothing else to say about it. >> no, i'm not saving for retirement or college or any of that stuff. there is no point. the lord is coming. christ is coming. >> reporter: according to the believers, the end starts saturday around dinnertime n. frederick, maryland, john henrehan, fox 5 news. up next, an amazing story
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of surviveol. crossing -- crossing the street. they're okay. and you won't believe it after seeing the whole video here play. a
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>> the day i think a lot of us are looking forward to as we watch the five-day closely. >> the fear when you're forecasting that is let us deliver on this. >> yeah. >> and that is so far so good. >> get that out of here. >> and that has a grip on the region and it's not funny yet. we didn't expect it to be and as we look outside, still a couple of showers here and there and blue skies to be sure and some spotty showers weakening. >> a much improved forecast and nearly the coverage today and
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let's start with the radar and show what you we're watching. you can see through the southern portion of faulkier and from north to south. because of the storm system affecting us and to the north and east. and we have another weakening shower and that is pretty much it. to max hd, satellite radar, everything is in motion here and you can watch the whirlpool of the storm. as we switch over here and there it is up here. you can see it's close enough to bring northeastern maryland batches of showers and we have a good cloud deck. the last piece of energy is moving on by. the storm system moved up not too far from new jersey and that is going to continue pulling out to the north and east. so, new york city is going get rain out of it, boston and this is parked over ohio and over southern virginia for a long time. and this is a good time to see it in this position and shows us that it's indeed moving out
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of our area for the weekend. and say goodbye to temperatures like these, too. we're going to get warmer. the high officially, 72 degrees and now we're at 71, most everyone is close to the 70 degrees mark. fredericksburg, 74; we're going to add a good 10 degrees and 15 dead to the temperatures. -- degrees to the temperatures and the warmer air is going to move in. 57 degrees in buffalo; check out cincinnati at 78 degrees and that is close by national. 83 degrees and st. louis is 80. they're moving into d.c. and they will be here as early as tomorrow. this evening, a spotty evening shower and fewer clouds through the overnight hours and drop to 58 degrees as a result of the clearing skies and tomorrow, the drying process begins, mow your lawn while you can. a couple of spotty storms in the forecast. warm and dry for saturday.
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63 by noon, it should be at 11. a couple of clouds could build up a bit. the temperature of 80 and we like the forecast for the 136th running of the preakness. 77 to 79 and around nice and warm with sunshine into the warms up to 85 degrees and this weekend is not totally destroy error error. we'll have to deal with a couple of thunderstorms here and there that will happen after 5:00 or so and check out monday, tuesday, and wednesday, we're making a run at 90 degrees and there will be pop- up garden variety-type thermothunderstorms. did you see this, an horrific accident in arizona. a daughter in the stroller and mowed down by the suv. the bear was crossing a busy intersection in -- inter sec in
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scottsdale. initially, the officers charged the driver with failing to yield and after watching the video of the accident, the charges were dropped. the mother and daughter were not seriously hurt. and check out what happened in south carolina. a suspected computer thief in the town of summerville and confronts a police officer. gets into a fist fight and steals the cruiser. the suspect takes off. the suspect crashed into a landscaping charge and making a turn. yesterday against the mets, coming up. we'll tell but the exec who might be in hot water. thanks to his reaction. and first, the -- the surf is up. way up. ways out there and you know the surf is up, keep them from
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rolling in.
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>> reporter: the beltway battle begins tonight. the nationals opening up a three-game series with the orioles at cameden -- camden yard. major league baseball is investigating him after the umpiring crew at the game. all complaining of a verbal altercation with a front office exec identified as rizzo. in the ninth inning, the nats down around jayson weather's ground for third and called out on a close play at 1st base. the worse is serious. look at the play. daniel murphy's foot off of the
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bag. after the game, several maths and a non-uniformed executive a security officer went into the clubhouse with a media guide in hand to identify the perpetrator. it's still under investigation. and things are coming along for maryland's new basketball coach. and he's finalized a coaching staff. they will be your terps assistant. spent last season on the and worked under turgeon and a d.c. native will join the terps after six seasons. in the d.c. area. the maryland's -- maryland men's lacrosse team is battling -- preparing for a battle royale and against top-seeded syracuse.
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the terps are the only unseeded team to advance this year and defeated 8th-seated unc last weekend. an underdog and this week. the players say it's -- go good to know your position. >> i have been an underdog for yourer -- four years here and our team is underrated, like undervalue and i mean, if you know, you know, you play bad. if we lose, we play bad and that is like we're -- . >> and i think we like being the underdog for sure and have had the success of being underdogs and going out there. nobody believes but on the team. >> and game 2, mavericks up a game. second quarter, watch kevin durrant. with the dunk on heywood and gets fouled. and look at how high he gets and in maryland, goes airborn. embarrasses the former wizard who is seven-feet tall.
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100 to tie the series at one game a piece. and redskins gm has a resolution to the labor dispute. he said at a golf tournament the redskins are pointed to be as aggressive in free agency as the leagues will allow for and he's hoping the resolution gets done and they can all meet, which hopefully will be soon. >> let's look at the forecast and, sue, i mean finally, we waited for five days to get the rain out of here and maybe that is the last remnants to say get the heck out. >> i hope to see you raising that white flag tomorrow. we're ready to say i surrounder, whatever it takes. still a few showers lingerring out there and you can see that one, not a big deal, we're not getting hail like earlier this week. another shower moving out of charles count into saint mary's county and these are all very, very light and not getting rain
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out of them. i wanted to take to you true view and to the baltimore area, we are keeping a close eye on things in the preakness tomorrow and we would like them not to be muddy and looks like the batch missed them. we put this in motion and you can see that the storm system is up there and that is moving to the north. sounded closer to new york city now and we're getting a lot of storms rotating through pennsylvania, new york, eclipsing portions of maryland and a few more hours and i think that this is going to be out of here. we're feeling confident to have a gorgeous saturday out of it. could there be a sprinkle here and there? yes, we're not talking about downpours and if you're headed out to the preakness stakes, i think you'll have a fantastic day and to our weather maps here and the new headline is going to be weekend warmth. with 72 degrees, we're headed for 80 tomorrow and mid-80s on saturday and see what is happening with the future cast and we show you what the future
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cast prediction was for 6:00 and that is moving on. find your sunglasses and white flag and that is going to be a beautiful saturday out of it and that is at 6:00 and we are really thinking that that is not going to be anything we have to worry about. we head into sunday morning, still in good shape. guess what? after 5:00 on sunday, we may still have to deal with a couple more showers and thunderstorms and as you're going to see here, going into the five-day forecast period, scattered thunderstorms even monday, tuesday, and wednesday, brian. thank you, sue. now you have the news edge. the news is always on back here at 10. news edge at 11. have a fantastic friday night. hope you will join us. 
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